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Understanding Search Engine Optimization: All You Need to Know

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the new trend of online marketing. Everybody wants to capture the traffic that is coming from from search engines. Web Analytics suggest that search engines and selected social media platforms are the most popular. They are the platforms that receive the highest number of visitors. And the fact that search engines have become sources of information for billions of people across the world means that they have a lot of potential in marketing. In this post I will guide you through what you need to know about SEO.

Organic traffic

There are different types of visitors who come to your website and the categorisation depends on the source. Social media traffic happens to be impulsive and most websites a record the highest traffic from such platforms. Search kind of traffic often comes when I post on a website page shared on social media. To capture social media traffic most people rely on influences and pages or profiles.

Then we have organic traffic who is simply means the one you get from search engines naturally. This is when a person touches a terminology or keyword on the search engine and then your website shows up for results. Search engine result page is a list of web pages that are relevant to the query. Websites that appear on the 1st page of the search engine often receive a lot of Direct organic traffic.

Organic traffic is far better than any other form of traffic because studies prove that it gains more conversions than any other source. You see when people search keywords online they are trying to get solutions to certain problems. This is a situation of the customer looking for the seller. And therefore such a person already needs a service or product. If your web page offers such products then these visitors are likely to buy it.

Search Engine Optimization

To make sure that you’re visible on the search engine and that you appear on the first page then there are techniques that will take you there. The first one is on page SEO. This is where is you make your website pages and posts visible on search engines. First you should correct your robot files to allow for crawling. Remove any form of no follow code that might discourage search engines from crawling your website. And because this growing spiders read content like humans make sure that you have the keyword optimised on the title introduction images as well as the conclusion part of your posts. This will make the clueless to have a better understanding of what the page is about.

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